ABOUT OUR ONLINE Psychiatrists, Health Coaches, Psychotherapists & SERVICES

To help bring affordable integrative mental health services to those in need through a telehealth approach. We offer patients mental health evaluations, diagnostics, and more.

Our philosophy is that medications are just a "single" tool in an entire tool box (rather than the only option) to help heal an individual.

Our online Psychiatrists, Health Coaches, and Psychotherapists work uniquely with each individual to uncover the root cause of their symptoms. Often this involves lab work and medical management to investigate potential medical causes that can mimic a mental illness. Sometimes it is necessary to coordinate care with primary care physicians, and specialists such as Neurology, infectious disease, and endocrine physicians to improve overall outcomes.

Our online Psychiatrists, Health Coaches, and Psychotherapists focus on the individual’s biological, psychological, and social level of functioning and together with the patient, create a customized treatment plan specific to individual needs.

The aim is to treat acute symptoms and additionally combat the body’s inflammatory response, which results from years of stress and trauma. Treatment may include medication management, but can also include customized psychotherapy, nutrition planning, sleep hygiene, Stress Trauma Active Release & Rewiring (STARR) Exercises, interventional treatments (such as botox therapy, alpha wave stimulation, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)). 

Our mission is to provide non-rushed mental health diagnostics to help patients.

To provide strong coordination of care with primary care physicians, therapists & family members to better understand the root cause of the current condition. To place heavy emphasis on lifestyle changes such as weight loss management, natural sleep hygiene, & exercise therapy to combat the body’s inflammatory response. Using medication management when truly needed with an emphasis on prescribing the lowest effective dose to avoid long term side effects. The long-term goal of our online Psychiatrists, Health Coaches, and Psychotherapists is to ultimately reduce the need for medication, and help individuals regain control of their lives.

It’s been amazing how positively patients & their families have embraced this approach.

People feel more hopeful, more supported, less stigmatized, & more motivated to engage in treatment knowing that our mutual goal is to uncover the true root cause of their symptoms, while restoring baseline functioning & minimizing medication dependence as much as possible.

The Journey to Wellness starts with you