Areas of Expertise

Our mission is to help others by providing non-rushed diagnostic evaluations. To provide strong coordination of care with primary care physicians, therapists & family members to better understand the root cause of the current condition. Our long-term goal is to ultimately reduce the need for medication & help individuals to regain control of their lives.


Over recent decades there has been tremendous advancements in research and development of pharmacological treatments for mental health.  If needed, our team will help work with you to find the most safe and effective treatment for your individual needs.

We are trained in supportive, cognitive behavioral, and mindfulness based psychotherapy. These services will be implemented as needed.


Weight Management

Weight gain has been associated with treatment resistance in psychiatric patients. In addition, weight gain can decrease energy, motivation, create sleep disturbances leading to fatigue, Inflammation and burnout. This worsens mental illness leading to more dependence on medication. We work individually with our patients to create lifestyle changes that promote healthy weight management and helps the body reduce inflammation naturally with the end goal of reducing medication dependence.

Medical management , Breathing Exercises, Mindfulness Meditation, Emotional Freedom Tapping, Weight Management & Nutrition, Physical Exercise Recommendation.

Ask us about alternate modalities to treating mental health such as AlphaWave Stimulation (CES), Botox therapy.

Integrative Practices

The Journey to Wellness starts with you